Real Democracy Australia
 24 February - 30 March 2013

Carl says "I want to put democracy back on the agenda." Melbourne-based activist artist does exactly that using a ground-swell language of the streets with a probing poster campaign.

This interactive installation encourages comments from our sidewalk audience - posts that are then uploaded on twitter stimulating a broader dialogue.

Carl extends his SLOT show to the streets of Redfern, posing the questions through guerilla-style poster dialogue: Should whistleblowers be protected? Is representative democracy antiquated? Does anything matter more than the environment? How can we best acknowledge and respect the first nations of Australia?

 Tweet your responses or those that capture your passion under the hashtag #Gov2Au and Carl will retweet any that tag him with @carlscrase.

The posters can can be downloaded from the website and Carl is encouraging people to put them up in their workplaces and local zones.

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