13 - 24 March 2012

For just a short two weeks SLOT will partner with fellow Redfern gallery - Damien Minton Gallery - and Beijing's iconic Red Gate Gallery, to present the work of Shanghai-based painter Jiang Weitao and the artist collective island6 as part of the Australian national touring exhibition Two Generations.

Established twenty years ago by Australian director, Brian Wallace, Two Generations marks the anniversary of Red Gate Gallery by featuring the work of senior Red Gate artists who have each nominated a young emerging artist. We are delighted to show two at SLOT continuing our own outreach to Asia
island6's striking LED animation Personal Revolution sits in conversation with the lights and signage of SLOTs environs. The collective of 10 Chinese and International artists founded by the French producer Thomas Charveriat, is a creative synergy of East meets Wes, old and new, perfectly captured in this classical Chinese fan dance enlivened with a digital twist.

Jiang Weitao similarly captures the resonance of the street in his paintings. He celebrates his love of classical Chinese calligraphy with a contemporary vision, fusing Eastern and Western painting techniques in his abstractions. Created through multiple coast of thin glaze finished with lacquer, the luminosity and palette of Jang's paintings reference Shanghai's neons.
For this painting he uses the Chinese character kou meaning 'mouth', 'entry point' or 'window' that is abstracted and repeated. As an ideogram it alludes to the opening of China as it enters a new era of economic prosperity. It also has a particular resonance to SLOT as a 'window facing the world'.

The national tour Two Generations has been curated by Brian Wallace, Catherine Croll and Liu Life.

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