Light Collaboration 2
27 May - 7 June 2014

A little over three years ago Roger Foley-Fogg (aka Ellis D. Fogg), Australia's doyen of psychedelic lighting design, proposed a work for Slot for the cooler months of the year so that he would warm the street with his art.

This is Roger's third response to Vivid Sydney, and another collaboration with Jess Cook, artistic director of the independent art space 107 Projects in Redfern - a shot walk from Slot. 

Extending this piece in Slot are two wall-based Lumino Kinetic works at 107 Projects, one after the late Martin Sharp and the other after Sonia Delaunay. 

In a third work Roger collaborates with Slot co-director artist Tony Twigg, projecting video works from his celebrated live light shows onto a "paper" screen made by Twigg.

In comparison to the soaring production values of Vivid, Redfern’s offering is a more spontaneous response to light and space. 

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