Solitary Cohabitation Revisited
18 August - 14 September 2013

As part of the Dispatch project this installation has come to SLOT from the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in Darwin, where it was originally presented on large perspex sheets floated one in front of the other.

Leanne has deconstructed and reconstructed her faux Rorschach inkblots as a loose metaphor for the  effect the environment plays on our emotions and psyche.  Cut into lozenge-shaped forms and then stitched back together like DNA chains or torrential tropical rain, there is a lightness and energy to this installation that holds the space with a presence, despite its fragility. 

Echoing rain, and deeply influenced by living in the top end, Leanne says of this work, "I use the oval as a constant theme through much of my work - it has many layers of meaning. For me here it explores concepts of isolation, repeated thought, and 'over-thinking'. More broadly it links between our environment and mental health."

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